Syria News Gets Viral

Syria Organization Treat People. Arab Countries React about the treatment of the five men that were responsible for doing bad act with the little kid. According to them those five men disrespected the child and harassed him while he was on the work. The little kid never had any opportunity to protect himself from those men. Despite of the strict rules, those men were able to do unjust with the kid.

In Arab countries Syria Organization became viral that has never been done and people have been really angry on the recent incident. The Government of Saudi Arabia decided to take strict action against the culprits when they were caught. After catching them, the arrangements were made to treat them in the same way by the same kid. The same child who was disrespected by those men was able to help the Official men.

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Syria Organization and The Arab Countries then took those all men in the middle of the ground where they were supposed to be hung publicly with the help of cranes. Cranes were present there and that child had to take out the support on which those men were standing and tied up with. The story of the company was quiet strange for the people. The picture also showed that the kid pulled the support and helped them executing the culprits.

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