Woman Pleads Women Rights

Woman pleaded for women rights when she was beaten by the mob in a country where some extreme people had occupied. The video showed that how pathetic was the woman who was treated badly. The woman was arguing with the Mullah about selling charms in the shrine. The Mullah blamed her for mistreating the Holy book of Muslims.

Women rights were supposed to be taken care in every country of the world but she was so pathetic that she kept on telling the mob about her being innocent. She was beaten by the mob for doing misbehavior with the Mullah and treating badly by Mob. The mob kept on beating until she got died. She was burned alive after everybody kept on stoning her.

The lady was so helpless that despite of her crying and shouting, she could not get the help. The mob of people were really angry. The most annoying part of that beating was that the people did not know what was the exact reason of beating that lady. She was lynched by the people and then she was dragged on the road by the people. She resisted quite a lot but all went vain.

Justice for Farkhanda

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