World Gets Amazed By University Girls

World Gets Amazed By University Girls. Brave Eagle Darts On Man on Mountains when it pounced upon it so that it could make its feed. The strange incident happened in the mountains when the video was being made by the National geographic channel. Such videos of the hunting of the bird showed the bravery of the bird that has become the sign of their nationality.

Video of University Girls got viral. Brae Eagle had its own weight around 5 kilogram but it managed to lift the goat on the mountains when it needed some food. The video showed the strange incident that happened to the goat on the mountains. Goat could not manage to escape from the attack of the hunting bird. It just darted heavily on the body of the goat that could not do anything.

Nobody thought about the fight of University girls. Nobody could believe that a small bird could lift the big animal in the wild life but the video was enough to change their minds. The big animal was so dejected that it could not fight with the bird despite of it being small. The big animal was searching for the water at the top of the mountains but then was dragged by paws of the bird. The paws got struck in the body of the goat.


University Girls

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