Young Butcher Mistake Incident Causes Trouble

Young Butcher Mistake Incident Causes Trouble. Wild camel became uncontrollable for the butcher on the road when it was able to get rid of the rope that tied it. Nobody expected such incident on the road and had to run in opposite directions to save their lives as the animal was jumping like cobra. The cobra like animal was shouting and jumping in different directions since the butcher already had a go at it.

Camel was supposed to be brought down by expert Butcher for the sacrifice purpose otherwise it could have given harm to other people on the street that were standing there. People were also jumping and running to their houses since that attack from the wild animal could harm them on the road on the occasion of Eid. The video was quite amazingly captured as the man with the mobile was also on a run.

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With the effort of the butcher and the other helpers the big animal was supposed to be calmed down. They could not do so but the wild animal lost its grip on the road while it was jumping since it was in pain. The wild animal got slipped on road and fell down on its knees. The butcher and other people had the chance to grab the legs of the wild animal and they did so.  In the end the angry animal was on the road.

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